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By B. Strokes

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Original abstract acrylic paintings, digital line drawings, and photographic overlays using original breast paintings are all created by one artist here at Breastbrush. Every single part of every piece is 100% original and created with the utmost passion and care. Colour, light, texture and emotion are what fuels and delights this artist. The female body is at the core of this art. 



Beatrice is a full time working artist who participates in large scale expositions (under another name) and has her work displayed in homes around the world. She has worked closely with successful artists, designers and photographers including teachers and college lecturers on a variety of artistic projects. References are available on request.

The idea for 'Breastbrush' (as Beatrice is known) was born in the shower one morning during the Covid-19 pandemic at the intersection of art and technology. This multidisciplinary method of creating art attracted a lot of curiosity very quickly and has become highly successful soon after going public in 2020. The artist was seeking a way to break out of the traditional methods used to create her work and reach people who fall outside the regular art world. Beatrice loves the artistic freedom she has of working under a pseudonym. She pushes her boundaries daily by using her body and breasts in a variety of ways allowing her to escape the more traditional painting tools.  


Beatrice uses a variety of mediums to create her art. Photographs of the artist are often used either as the figurative model for digital line drawings or as the base of a photographic overlay.  The artist  loves the independance and control she has from the conception of an idea through to assembling her pieces in the exact way she wants. Acrylic paint on paper, canvas or art board is what she uses when painting. This is done using her breasts.  Beatrice not only creates the art, but is part of it. Scroll down the page to get a preview of the creative process!



Beatrice creates unique photo overlays using her body and breast paintings to showcase 'the feminine' in a way that makes the viewer reflect not just on the image but on the emotion or meaning behind it. In this digital age, and especially on social media, naked or partially naked bodies feature everywhere.  The human body, especially the feminine one, has more than ever become a commodity and product. By overlaying her art onto her body, Beatrice seeks to give a new dimension to both art and the sensuality of the female form in an artistic way. The placement of colour and paint texture along with the choice of pose can create a dynamic and powerful image. 


Here is an example of an original breast painting used to create an overlay on a photograph of the artists' body.
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Minimalist digital line drawings are based on poses by the artist.

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Digital paintings are coloured freehand using a digital pen

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Original Art, Prints, Photos and Videos as well as Behind the Scenes info are all available on request



Artist quality paint and varnished. Meticulously packed and ready for you to frame.

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"B is an incredibly open and creative individual. We worked together on a photographic collaboration and it was a real pleasure"! Andrea, Italy

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"Beatrice is very motivated and driven. I required some pictures for life drawing and she provided them promptly and exactly as requested. I will definitely use her body in my art again". Dean, Ireland

"I purchased some of her videos and her beauty is arousingly natural. It's like watching the first woman ever made, a creature who was born firstly for love and secondly to share that through her body and her art". Alex, Australia

"B is very flexible. I fell in love with one of her creations but couldn't afford the shipping. She set it up as a digital file  that I could download and print locally. I'm loving it!" Ian, USA